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Posted By: Dorothy Parshall
10-Nov-20 - 07:18 PM
Thread Name: De-clutter & Fitness: House, job, life 2019 - 2020
Subject: RE: De-clutter & Fitness: House, job, life 2019 - 2020

I IRONED today!! It has been years, honest! But the collection of antique, and not antique pretties demanded to be ironed. The new wash stand is beautiful! with a nice white embroidered thingy(?) in the middle. I did not want to cover all the lovely wood surface but wanted some protection. Actually that one did not need ironing, but having dragged the wood ironing board and the iron up to the TV/sewing room - a very good spot! - I perused the pile that had been in waiting and did a number of other things, even sprayed a few with the spray bottle that is on hand for the one orchid - that never blooms but looks healthy anyway. Found a set of 4 - white with nice lace - valances that will be lovely in the LR/DR someday when R has time to go up the ladder and change from the old, tacky and not very clean ones. A valance is all we will use. No need for more; less dust and we like lots of light, and those four windows are full of plants, of course.

This am R put the new washstand in place and took the other piece to the LR where it is far more suitable. It has a nice runner and decorative items on it and the very large schefflera is on the floor at one end, needing a much nicer pot now that the pot can be seen. It, and another in another corner, have been doing very well a distance from a window; plenty of light from large windows seems to suit them. This guy is getting a new shoot. Messy guys! I have to sweep up fallen leaves - when I get to it.

Did some dusting with a damp cloth. Tore up dead flannel sheet for "non-paper towels"; I keep a stack for jobs of that paper towel sort and if they get too dirty I can throw them - in the laundry or the trash, depending. I rarely use a paper towel.

The shed would be for pottery studio and display. I want it to look nice, not to detract from the Victorian brick house. The rough lumber ones are in the very small barn concept. The usual Quebec garden sheds are tolerable and available locally in many colours and configurations. It will be a project finding out prices and comparing possibilities. I have the studio at Beaver (10x12) but am frustrated here not to being able to do anything. Had a great time last week glazing and thinking about new ideas.

Put two more lawn chairs in the garage. Thought about leaving the big wicker chair on deck??? Would need to cover it before snow but it might be nice when the sun hits there to sit outside a bit. We got two lovely BIG cushions for it at a thrift shop recently. They do not even need to be re-covered!