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Posted By: Dorothy Parshall
01-Nov-20 - 12:02 PM
Thread Name: De-clutter & Fitness: House, job, life 2019 - 2020
Subject: RE: De-clutter & Fitness: House, job, life 2019 - 2020

Met with group at “Carriage House”, a very nice venue! We open this Thursday; I will do my first two days of staffing on thurs and fri, with friend Leslie. What a relief to have a nice place to sell (hopefully) some pots, cooperatively with, mostly, friends of many years. Long talk with Pat, the ring leader, this am. She is looking at this as long term and has bought a property nearby to build a shop on “Back Street”, visible from highway.

Now, I am looking for energy/inclination to get out to the warm enough studio on this drizzly day. I loaded 4 very nice director’s chairs into the car - from the screen house - to take to the shop later. It is a half hour drive so I will not do it unnecessarily. But others will be moving stuff in and we need to be in tune with what is available/happening.

There is lots of pottery work to be done here: decorating, mixing new glazes and remixing the old ones that have been sitting, as well as throwing, trimming… And a novel to read… On a rainy day!

One ongoing de-clutter I am working on: For years I seemed to always be in a hurry. Forty years ago a fellow student told me she perceived me as always looking harassed. I took it to heart and tried to slow down when I caught myself running - but I am still doing it! The years when I was trying to make a living as a potter were frantic; I always needed more pots for the next show. And I was doing shows 2 or 3 weekends a month in the season - May to Dec. En route I would hesitate at each intersection to remind my self “Where am I going this week?”

Then I worked for the newspaper for 6 years- running from place to place to catch the important events. Even covering a School concert in Coe Hill at 7 pm, then driving like mad to catch another an hour north, while it was still happening.

Something inside me is still pushing me and I have to get my head around the concept of not needing to do that anymore! It is OK if I sit here and read and drink tea until I feel like …

I found a whole bunch more pots in the screen house this am! I will bring them out before it snows! The ones already at the shop will take a lot of time to label, hopefully at a time when there are not a bunch of other people in there; I need to focus. MY 94 year old friend often says, “The best thing you can give someone is hope.” This shop has picked me up greatly!

Yesterday I was faced with heavy frost. The frost is OK; the house is warm. But the walkway to the studio was a hazard so I spent some time going to each possible store (within a mile or so!) for a rubber runner to save my neck! The fourth place, they tried hard but suggested the carpet store, so out of the way that I forget it exists! I now have a 12 foot runner that I can roll up and put in the tool shed when not needed; as it won’t be most of the winter. Then I took stuff to the studio and brought things in as needed. A wonderful new “tool”!

I am organized. I will get doing when I darned well feel like it. And Pat will be able to pick up the new (commercial) glazes I am considering and save me the 6 hour round trip to Toronto!

Rain is heavy now. 11:30 Sunday am.

I LOVE my Prius! Swear by Toyota products. Just would have liked a total electric but not feasible in the wilderness.