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Posted By: Inukshuk
27-Feb-01 - 08:06 PM
Thread Name: Knocky Door Ginger
Subject: RE: Knocky Door Ginger
God, what a thread. My eyes are damp from the joys of boyhood memory. I actually still have a good collection of fag cards. We played "Nick Knock" and left flaming bags of dog shit on the doorstep for the victim to stamp out. We also had a devise made from a notched thread spool that we could spin against a darkened window (or entangle in a girl's hair). We also had an incidious invention that would tap a button against a window from a safe distance.
If anyone is interested, I have the rules for "five stone" as we played it against the school wall in the late forties. Damn, I feel so sorry for today's children.