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Posted By: Gray Rooster
27-Feb-01 - 06:09 PM
Thread Name: Fielding, Lakin and Mills in concert
Subject: RE: Fielding, Lakin and Mills in concert
Rehearse; (re-her-Cee), v.t. & v.i. [-hearsed, -hearsing] [< OFr. re-,again+herser, to harrow]1. to re-"C" in harrowing detail 2. SLANG: Re"C" - To find "C" with the auditory canal(s) again in harrowing detail 3. to practice (repeat), as a folk musician for a public performance in harrowing detail

(See harrowing detail below)

Harrowing detail; (horror-ing de-tale) 1. What happens in the press after musicians forget to "Re-C" before a public performance