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Posted By: Chet W.
07-Oct-98 - 05:15 PM
Thread Name: Mandolin help
Subject: RE: Mandolin help
Paul, I don't know what style of music you intend for your mandolining, but I just thought I'd add that there's no substitute for practicing (but not past the point of serious pain), and that one of the best things you can do is go to places where you can play with people who are better than you. It will come slowly at first, but if you try hard you'll soon come to the point where you pick up new things very quickly. Another good piece of advice is to listen to as much mandolin music as you can. Even if it's way beyond your ability now, you have to know what it's supposed to sound like before you can make it sound that way. THEN you can begin to develop your own style. The difficult action may very well be the nut, but you also might try adjusting the bridge (most are adjustable these days by turning two little thumbscrews). Many mandolins also have adjustable truss rods, accessable through a plate on the peghead just behind the nut.If none of this works you may have to have the neck reset, if your mandolin's value warrants that. You should see up close the mandolin that Bill Monroe played. The strings were a good half inch above the fretboard by the time you reached the 8th or 10th fret. Anyone who works on guitars should be able to help you set it up.

Good luck, Chet W.