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Posted By: Dorothy Parshall
20-Sep-20 - 06:26 PM
Thread Name: De-clutter & Fitness: House, job, life 2019 - 2020
Subject: RE: De-clutter & Fitness: House, job, life 2019 - 2020

Not sure if it is eyes or brain but there comes a time in each day when sewing seems too much and each day I say to self, start early tomorrow and each day I do not. Maybe the computer fries my eyes. But my good down coat has all its buttons, ready for the worst of winter!

Today, we sorted through a truck load of stuff R brought home - "take what ever you want:, someone said. Books, rugs bits of furniture. Nice pine bookcase is next to his chair for better organizing! Oddly made, round, wooden, folding table on back porch. Folding luggage rack of ancient vintage may go into guest room after a paint job. A nice tall wooden lamp is in hall waiting for a harp and shade. A nice pedestal fan will go somewhere useful. And a little pine foot stool, a handy reaching aid for upstairs. The nice 3-step has already been used in the pantry.   Books are stacked. Rugs rejected. And a neighbour who happened along loved the old, rather cute, tea trolley! Leftovers went to the city.

That incident reminded me: A potter in Minnesota told of clearing his mother's apt. After the family did their choosing, he went to the post box area/vestibule and put a sign: Mrs ... apt is open. Take whatever you want." When they returned, it was wonderfully empty!

After the day moving tomato plants upstairs, energy level is low. I also indulged in a surfeit of choc the last few days -NOT today! It was getting out of control again. When I left Beaver I had maintained a loss of 12 pounds; hope to still have that when I return in a few days.

Still have not heard from internet provider up there and am thoroughly fed up. If I am going to spend time there, I need the unlimited, esp in the winter. And with the covid lack of events!

I need to order a couple face cords of wood for here. Have been keeping a fire going on these cool days. Wonderful little Jotul holds it all night - with good hard wood. I have closed LR door and den doors; at bedtime, I open the den door for the heat to go upstairs, having closed all rooms but the TV and BR. I wonder how long I can keep from turning on the furnace!

Close to frost the last 3 nights but may warm for a couple weeks. I covered the green pepper plants but hope they can be uncovered soon. The upstairs plants are going to take gallons of water! I shall need to carry gallon jugs up as the upstairs powder room sink can only fit a 6 inch container!

Brugmansia lost ALL its leaves over the summer and made numerous attempts at sprouts to no avail but two new ones finally look as though they will make it. The directions said it needed lots of water, but I finally got the message to STOP. I hope it is finally dry enough to make a new start on life; almost two weeks now! We did get two massive blooms from it- last fall and again at Christmas.

Trimmed lots of parsley leaves to dry. Hope to get fall leaves from neighbours to (they bag them!) to put down on a portion of back yard through the winter, in attempt to prepare a small garden space for next year. I have netting to put over it!