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Posted By: Stewie
12-Sep-20 - 09:49 PM
Thread Name: Mudcat Australia/NZ Songbook
Subject: RE: Rise Up Mudcat Songbook - Australia
(Ted Egan)

At the six-mile in Wyndham the word passed around
Matt Savage, the boss drover, has just come to town
His plant's on the common, he's looking for men
'Cos he's taking a mob into Queensland

He's a legend in the outback, he's a man among men
Matt Savage, the boss drover, and he's riding again
Two thousand store bullocks, wild ones at that
That's the mob that he's taking into Queensland

Matt Savage, the boss drover, he'll take a mob over
Taking the bullocks to Queensland, ah ha!
Matt Savage, the boss drover, he'll take a mob over
Taking the bullocks to Queensland

Six of us ringers with cigarette swags
Signed up by Matt Savage and we've each got six nags
The cook's all hung over but the boss drover knows
That he'll travel ok into Queensland

First night, star bright, cattle travelling well
Hear the jingle of the hobbles, hear the Condamine bell
Sing a song as we watch them, make the buggers lie down
Or they'll rush all the way into Queensland


Meat for the packbags as we pass through Wave Hill
There's a big Vestey's bullock so we're in for the kill
Grilled rib-bones tonight by the campfire's light
We'll be fit when we finally hit Queensland

But we're haunted by ghosts on the Murranji Track
Dead men, dead bullocks, cursed outback
Cattle dry-staging and the boss drover's raging
Hard times on the way into Queensland


The Murranji's dry but at Newcastle Waters
We'll be dancing in the bar with old Bullwaddy's daughter
Then it's back in the saddle, keep pushing them cattle
Gotta take 'em along into Queensland

And when the bullocks all rushed, led by the big roan
Matt Savage on the night-horse, he turned them alone
He's been on the road now for about forty years
Boss drover on the stock routes to Queensland


Four months on the road and the Tableland's bare
And it's heat, and it's dust, and there's flies everywhere
But when we get to Camooweal, we won't give a damn and we'll
Go riding along into Queensland

And there's the railway, there's the siding, delivery Dajarra
Then as quick as a flash we'll be into the bar
Of the pub for a blowout and a gutful of rum
'Cos we just brought a mob into Queensland

Ted noted:
Bullwaddy Bates was a legendary figure who came on to the Barkly Tableland, acquired several Jingili women as concubines and set up Beetaloo and OT Stations. Unlike many of his contemporaries, Bates (or Bathern, which was his correct name) recognised his mix-race children and bequeathed the properties to them when he died.

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