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Posted By: Jon Freeman
11-Sep-20 - 06:45 AM
Thread Name: De-clutter & Fitness: House, job, life 2019 - 2020
Subject: RE: De-clutter & Fitness: House, job, life 2019 - 2020
The only (I think cast rather than wrought) iron bed frame we had came apart easily enough with a spanner.

I wanted to cut up the springs from an old mattress (that had long lost any fabric) into manageable pieces fairly recently.   I used 24 bolt cutters for that and needed the leverage they provided to get through the spring steel.

We got 6 x 50cm plastic tubs the other day so thats the veg plot the shorter side from the gate as you go in all given over for container growing. We now have 11 of this diameter pot with two holding rhubarb plants. Im not sure what (except courgette) will go in the other 9 over a growing season and guess well wind up experimenting a bit to see what works and suits us and I think we have a bit of scope to do that.

I want to sort out the watering for them next but am out of (on order) 4mm irrigation pipe.   Im thinking in terms of an 8 cane (our old bean row ones) in each tub and running the pipe at a high level. That should make trimming round them (with a Ryobi One+ tool, SRS but I cant help with your question*) without having to move the pipe and drippers easy.

The grass has been recovering and much has been growing quite quickly. Its surprising how it can come back. 2-3 weeks ago Id say our 40x5 yard yawn part of the track was the worst Ive ever seen in with more brown than green but a good health looking green has returned to nearly all of it.

Over in the field, I saw a tractor flailing the crop one night early this week and there are just short bits of stem sticking out above the ground now. I guess the harvest will come next week.

*All I really know is that my 3 5Ah batteries are enough and depending on what Im doing, I may only need 2. The first battery will usually take me mowing our (todays guess is) 40x5yd lawn patch and into the veg plot. If Im just going to follow up with going round the pots and a quick tidy up round the edges with the trimmer, Im not going use much more from the battery I will have changed to during the mowing. If say I add in mums orchard (lets say an 8 x 8 yd square which has a couple of trees in and I like to allow to grow a bit longer [or sometimes not cut some of at all when say the daffodils are out]) into the bit I want to trim (the whole patch I dont mow here), Ill be getting into the 3rd battery.