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Posted By: Stilly River Sage
08-Sep-20 - 12:19 PM
Thread Name: De-clutter & Fitness: House, job, life 2019 - 2020
Subject: RE: De-clutter & Fitness: House, job, life 2019 - 2020
Sounds nice! I'm watching the COVID-19 infection numbers start to level off here, hoping by October I'll be able to have a couple of family members in the house, seated far apart but at least under one roof. We have to see what mid-September looks like after the three-day-weekend before making that decision. For now, company visits in the driveway or we go sit spaced apart on the rock wall under the pines in my front yard.

Today is the day I have decided to start the alternate day fasting again. It's still hot out, but the quality of the heat, the amount of cooling overnight, make for better walking weather (and mowing weather - I've put it off long enough). By starting now I still have several months before the colder cooking and eating more weather sets in, that make the diet a bit more difficult.

I have an exercise to do to help with the bursitis, and a note from the PA at my orthopedist's office to Google "IT Band stretches." As the swelling decreases around the knee surgery I'm able to do a few things that involve kneeling (working in the flower beds has been from a bent at the waist standing position all year), though I need a well-padded cushion still.

Late last week I went by Goodwill to drop off the stuff that was in my laundry room bin and the large lampshade I decided isn't going to be used here any time soon. It was a good idea that didn't pan out. Now I don't have to move it every time I do laundry. My next efficiency move is to re-think the compost buckets beside the back door. 5 gallon buckets have always been really heavy to move when full, even years ago when I was more fit. It's time to look at lidded 3-gallon buckets. I've worked out how to put them in the compost so the dogs leave them alone - dig a hole in the existing pile, pour in the glop, then dump at least one full bag of lawn clippings from the mower on top. The grass is growing enough now after rain last week that I can mow the back yard for the clippings, I don't need to lug the bag contents from the front.

There are still big things on my to-do list - now that the knee is fine and the weather is cooling, watch this space for notes on fence repair, patio cover repair, closing the loose vent cover hole in the soffit that I don't want squirrels entering.

What are our regulars and lurkers planning for fall? I've heard from a few via other channels but won't post here unless they ask me to. I still wonder how Susan is doing - there is a lot of content on this thread, plenty for Hardy to read out loud if they are curious about our comings and goings. I hope by the end of the year to hear something from Susan herself. That would be a good goal.