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Posted By: Dorothy Parshall
27-Aug-20 - 01:25 PM
Thread Name: De-clutter & Fitness: House, job, life 2019 - 2020
Subject: RE: De-clutter & Fitness: House, job, life 2019 - 2020

SRS: When I make a big pot of stew or soup, those are not "leftovers", those are "planned overs"! I endeavour to leave R some when I am leaving for a few days. This time, staying longer than I thought, I was going to give him something else last night but he came home too late so - more planned over stew.

Staying longer because I have a goal to cut the "grass" before I leave. Dis a fair chunk yesterday but, this am, I fooled with other tasks and ---DARN! it is dripping out there. So I went to the Telus/Koodo kiosk to try to find out why I could not send pics to computer. Nice lad decided it was the computer so I need to call Apple Help again! He did readjust the weather feature. When I first got this new phone, I was delighted that it told me the weather wherever I was. But after my son messed with it - being helpful he thought - I only get it for here. Does not help at all when I am there (Beaver). So, next trip I shall see if we won.

Piles of laundry completed, most to go back to Beaver. Curio cabinet has dried and is in its new home. Need R to order new shelves as the originals died a sudden death in a storage unit on Whidbey when a friend moved the wrong thing - holding them in place - a resounding crash! "Oh dear" said my friend. Or maybe that was me. It was done. Oh well. I won't try to order them as I cannot be trusted with numbers. But, more because he is in the city where thing like this can be ordered.

The sudden change in the weather has changed the daily "exercise"! No more opening windows and drapes at night to let the cool in! Now all windows are closed, and make sure drapes are open to enable solar gain. Time to pull out the air cleaner. The best part is that my energy level is MUCH better; excess heat is seriously debilitating. But the tomato plants are not happy.

Maybe I can even get some sewing done... I brought back some vintage drapery fabric in hopes of heavy drapes for LR/DR that will help keep warmth inside.

The fellow who was going to cut the high "grass" at Beaver, did so! Well, most of it, so I could walk around without something wrapping around my feet to trip me. The frogs and friends may not be happy but there is plenty of area for them. Steve said they were "everywhere!" I am encountering the same here. And a 3-4 foot snake that escaped into a flower bed.

At Beaver, I walked into the LR as a 2-3 foot snake went onto the hearth and behind the cradle we use for kindling. "ROBIN!" He calmly found it was still behind cradle, opened the back doors and gently encouraged its departure, onto the back deck where it went down between the floor boards - at a spot where I had disturbed it's sunbathing earlier in the week. It prob came in under the screen door during the night when the inside door was open.

Hope everyone is safe from teh impending storm.