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Posted By: robomatic
24-Aug-20 - 09:18 AM
Thread Name: BS: Varmints
Subject: RE: BS: Varmints
My main exercise is walking a dog, not my own, with her keepers, and occasionally hiking with one of them. They live nearby and it turns out there are some nice open spaces in their neighborhood, which is pleasantly upholstered with school grounds melded into some municipal parkland, good continuous concrete sidewalks and curved routings so you never feel confined to a grid. And treed areas in which the wildlife can hide. One of the wildlife is a huge bull moose which has wandered through the suburbs for the last few years. While you never treat a moose as a domestic animal, this one appears to have a personality like Ferdinand, he has enjoyed the lawn sprinklers on some of our hotter days, and apparently lounged within ten feet of a local family barbecue with no one getting excited about his proximity. He would be a prize 'harvest' were he in the wild. And as I mentioned earlier in this pandemic, a black bear has been seen round the corner treading the sidewalk (by me). Nevertheless those same sidewalks are populated by bicyclists and babycarriages (and me). We've had the annual visits from stellar jays, which are plump jaybirds with a crowned black head and upperbody shading into a midnight blue with a bit of a sheen toward the tail. They are talkative birds, the ones that passed through my yard seemed to have a long complex message to pass amongst themselves and to me, but less raucous than our constant companions, the magpies. While I haven't seen beaver in years, my largest tree was heavily eaten into by something that must have been a team of them, within the last couple years. Since the tree is a cottonwood, I'm sure my neighbors were rooting the beavers on.