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Posted By: Dorothy Parshall
23-Aug-20 - 11:12 AM
Thread Name: De-clutter & Fitness: House, job, life 2019 - 2020
Subject: RE: De-clutter & Fitness: House, job, life 2019 - 2020

About 10 days ago: it was a Friday morning at BF, R decided that, the current crisis being well resolved (!!!), he could go to Beaver. I left after BF and he, eventually, arrived Sat aft. Back to Dupont yesterday aft (me) and late last night (him, by way of a couple more garage sales... and a visit to a friend). I was here by 5:30 after driving straight through from my stop at the bakery for goodies. About 4 hours, flat out. Unloaded part of car - cooler, laundry - lots! We left Beaver is good working order: septic system repaired and hole re-filled - not with soil but with layers of styro-foam topped with plywood, some soil, and a row of pressure-treated 4x4s to protect it all! BR back together, a new element in water heater, and a bunch of smaller things checked off the list! We left that home in good shape, including clean bedding and the electric blanket back in place, ready for the cooler weather to come. Clean chimney and fire laid in stove, ready for a match.

R's trip to Beaver was slightly eventful: brakes sprung a leak about 70 miles away and the friend he had visited took him to find brake fluid. Because he was so late - by the time he called me - I rushed down to the bakery (an hour) to pick up an order before closing. He arrived and I followed him to Beaver. He was all over the road - terrifying! - as he was on the left coming up to the crest of a hill, repeatedly; I stayed well behind! Not knowing if it were the vehicle or him falling asleep, I kept blowing my horn; he never heard it. Sunday, we took the truck to my mechanic of almost 40 years and got it back on Friday! (R said "Pete needs a sign!" Me: "He has more business than he can handle, why bother with a sign!" Truck was well repaired and his trip back to Dupont was fine - except for too many yard sales and a visit so he did not get home until about 10pm, by which time I was asleep.

Having carefully checked the weather and noted only 10% chance of
rain, we did not cover my cherished "curio cabinet" being brought here on back of truck, on top of a mattress. Add to that several bags of books acquired en route! I woke at 6:15 am and heard rain --- RAIN! Threw on clothes, grabbed a handy (serendipitous!!), very large piece of heavy plastic and rushed out to cover the already wet back of truck. R is currently down in his library drying out books. It rained almost an inch.

The fertilizer I put on the tomatoes and a few other plants seemed to have made a difference; they seem much healthier than 2 weeks ago. It rained enough to keep them and the geraniums alive. Watered houseplants - in sore need- and trimmed some. (I am really still asleep!)

I have put aside a couple items - to leave - replaced by more useful yard sale purchases. Washed the pottery I brought back last trip and had a bite to eat - trying to get back on track as I had too many "little" treats the last few days.

While R did his fix-it jobs- and read and rested - I pulled more weeds until my body refused to do any more. Got stung by one of those underground bees and read while my hand throbbed and R suggested an antihistamine, which helped. There are still more seeds and the soil from the septic hole can be transferred to the nearby raised bed with a helping of wood ash.

His friend gave him a couple unique tomatoes and we saved the seeds: black Russian and a zebra sort. I am already thinking next spring and am saving cuttings from this year's plantings and will start the seeds and see how I make out with them through the winter in the spare room. Also brought back a planting shelf unit with lights that can go in that room - a Plant Room! (It will get to be a bath room someday, hope.) The pepper plants are producing. I will feed them in thanks.
And start doing laundry...