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Posted By: Sandra in Sydney
21-Aug-20 - 08:30 PM
Thread Name: Mudcat Australia/NZ Songbook
Subject: RE: LYR ADD - The Answer's Ireland -John Dengate

The Answer's Ireland (Tune Rody McCorley)

originally published in Singabout 6(1), 1966, p.4

Who gave Australia the tunes to sing, the tunes of songs so grand?
Songs to inspire, full of beauty and fire the answer's Ireland.
Know when you sing of Jack Donahue, that he was a Dublin man
And Dennis O'Reilly is travelling still with a blackthorn in his hand.

Who raised a ruckus at Castle Hill, who there defied the crown?
'Twas the same rebel boys who in '98 'gainst odds would not lie down.
Oh, but they made Samuel Marsden fret and ruffled silver tails,
Why, the words "Croppy Pike" were enough to strike fear into New South Wales.

Who agitated at Ballarat for Joe Latrobe's death knell?
Who was it raised up the five-starred flag and damned the traps to hell?
Who was it gathered beneath that flag, where solemn oaths were sworn?
Who would not run from the redcoats' guns, upon Eureka morn?

Ned Kelly's dad was an Irish lad, the Kellys all died game.
Brave Michael Dwyer's bones are buried here, we'll not forget that name.
Who could resist Larry Foley's fist, and Foley wore the green.
Who led the anti-conscription ranks in 1917?