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Posted By: keberoxu
16-Aug-20 - 02:06 PM
Thread Name: BS: Varmints
Subject: RE: BS: Varmints
My first RED squirrel in donkey's years.

I grew up, decades and decades ago,
where there were squirrels
both red and grey.
In time, the grey squirrels, who are much larger,
crowded out the red squirrels in that region;
and most likely there were other contributing factors.
But what I recall is that after a time,
one only saw grey squirrels and no more red squirrels.

Presently I am staying in a different part of the country,
where there are mountains, foothills,
protected forests, acres and acres of green trees,
the squirrels come in three colors:

black, grey, and red.

The black squirrels and the grey squirrels are different in color
and alike in every other respect. Same size, proportions.
Occasionally I have spotted a sort of
brindle-furred squirrel of the same size,
which I take to be grey-squirrel-plus-black-squirrel.

The red squirrels, though, the little ones,
are still here; there is room for any and all squirrels here,
and they don't crowd each other out.

So, where did I spot the little red squirrel yesterday?
Why, at the local branch of
MacDonald's fast-food restaurants, of course,
diving into a dustbin by the parking spaces,
looking for something edible.
It was hilarious to watch the little beast going in headfirst
with his furry red plume of a tail sticking out above the dustbin.
It was only in there for a minute or two,
apparently whatever was in the dustbin
wasn't even fit for a red squirrel to eat.
out again, across the alley, and up the nearest pine tree,
and leaping from pine tree to pine tree
next to the shopping center, wheeeeee!