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Posted By: punkfolkrocker
20-Jul-20 - 02:44 PM
Thread Name: BS: UK thread, Politics and political
Subject: RE: BS: UK thread, Politics and political
Jim - you have worked yourself up again into a state of blustering mania..

You are wasting all our time...

"long-term hopes that right-wingers like PFR pour such contempt on"

You can shove that nonsense up where it will bring you most discomfort.. Comrade Jimski...

If you eventually come back down to earth
from this mega tantrum,
hopefully you might realise how much you have pissed off your mudcat mates
with such rampant silliness...

For the moment, at least try to stop spamming this thread
with your distracting ridiculous repeated misunderstandings and condemnations...

We have far more important concerns to contend with,
which require intelligent mature debate..

You are invited to join in when you calm back down...