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Posted By: DMcG
18-Jul-20 - 06:01 AM
Thread Name: BS: UK thread, Politics and political
Subject: RE: BS: UK thread, Politics and political
There is some truth in that, Nigel. Back when I was doing my 'A' levels my school insisted everyone took one in General Studies. I think this was an excellent idea, since it meant people who were very strongly science based like me (my other 'A' levels were Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry) had to study some literature, architecture, and whatnot, whereas the artistically inclined had to learn some science. Amongst other things we also had to learn some politics, both current and historical. I well remember the teacher saying that the great political strength of the Conservatives was that they were so dedicated to winning that internal divisions could largely be put aside during election campaigns, whereas the Labour party could rarely do this: while all the left disliked the Tories they really hated those of the left who were too left wing or not left wing enough for them. A gross simplification of both parties, of course, but a simplification with more than a grain of truth in it.

All that was pre-Thatcher and Euroscepticism but even there the Tory divisions did not often stand in the way of a united front to get elected.