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Posted By: Jim Carroll
18-Jul-20 - 02:35 AM
Thread Name: BS: UK thread, Politics and political
Subject: RE: BS: UK thread, Politics and political
We're all sick to death of a series of Conservative Governments - whether call themselves "Conservative" or "Labour"
I want a Labour Pary which fights on Labour principles - not another Brown or Blair or Wilson Government
The fact that Labour is back in the hands of the right is not going to get that
If another Labour-wannabe Tory Government is elected the Party is finished, it never gets more simple than that - electing Starmeris a step in that direction
Yesterday the man says we must all back Johnson's leadership over Covid - is that not plain enough for anybody to realise the direction he will take the Party in ?
The first major public action he took is to sell the Party's reputation out in an attempt to win back 'Friends of Israel' who left because Corbyn refused to back that state's ethnic cleansing policy
He was prepared to split the party in order to get those people and the New Labour anti-Corbynites back on board
Is that the type of Party you want to put into power - I ***** don't

Johnson will be replaced anyway - he's a buffoon and a figure of fun, even to the right-wing press
Big business with look for a "hard" leader capably of forcing through the re-opening of Britain, no matter what the risk to people's lives - Johnson has proved himself willing to do that but he lacks the authority - Starmer has publicly backed him
Can't you people see the writing on the wall
The Lablour Party has long needed a leader with the prionciples and the ability to steer Labour into becoming a half-decent, genuine opposition to what has been happening basically since the arrival of Thatcher on the scene - a Tory cap-doffer like Starmer fell at the first fence, got up and fell down at the next one
Sniding at the only decent, principled Party leader is only playing into the Tory's hands, as is attacking those in the Party who believe in the old Pary values
I've had enough of being accused of being an extremist or "a leftie" to last a lifetime without having to put up with it from people I once respected
Let's debate the real issues without the right-wing rhetoric for a change - please