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Posted By: punkfolkrocker
17-Jul-20 - 03:49 PM
Thread Name: BS: UK thread, Politics and political
Subject: RE: BS: UK thread, Politics and political
"Tired and disillusioned ex socialists sneering at the ideals of Socialism "

"PFR has expressed his contempt for socialist ideals "

Jim - I'll tell you the same, I tell Ake and anyone else
who deliberately misconstrue what I say,
blatantly shoehorning it into fitting their bias..

You are talking flagrant bollocks.. [definitely not fragrant...]

My answer is NO, to all the tripe I have just quoted from you..

You are wrong to even think that of me...

Principles and theory are all well and good to guide how we aspire to interact with the real world...

But mostly only immature naive young idealists see them as absolutely dogmatically set in stone rules,
irrespective of the realities of this cruel brutal ruthless world we try to survive in...

It is inflexible doctrinaire folks like you who can't stop themselves handing victory
to our right wing opponents...

They want more loose canon lefties like you to assist in their divide and rule...