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Posted By: Dorothy Parshall
15-Jul-20 - 09:40 PM
Thread Name: De-clutter & Fitness: House, job, life 2019 - 2020
Subject: RE: De-clutter & Fitness: House, job, life 2019 - 2020

We managed to get to Beaver!! Left Sat am about 9 and I drove so we made good time. Got to the bakery and picked up some goodies and were at Beaver by 4. I started weeding and did lots until teh bugs were too bad and then in stints all day Sunday. I "found the blueberry bushes - no blueberries - and cleared most of one strawberry bed (4x8) and about half the raspberry beds. And around Good King Henry- and time ran out. Next door neighbour stopped as we were ready to get in car; gave her some GKH seeds.

I picked up the mail, went to the Credit Union, shopped at the natural food store - gave her my list and she packaged all the bulk food stuffs for me. modus operandi for now.

R did not manage to finish digging the septic - it was TOO HOT! He also did not write an important letter, but read books and managed to pick up another bagful at a thrift shop. I hope he relaxed some! He also managed to wrestle a too large cabinet out of the house and stored it in the outhouse, where it fits nicely and could be useful for storage. We also wrestled a bureau out and into my car to bring back here - "here" being somewhere in a Montreal building. Made lots of nice apace at Beaver! Feels breathable again!

No septic means no water can go down the drain. I bought 2 dishpans at the dollar store making it easier to wash dishes, so got the kitchen cleared nicely. I was hoping to go back alone this week but it took Tues to recover and today as well. I drove back; the idea being that R would not be so tired when he had to go back to work.

Hot all weekend but not so bad as here; the nights were cool. I sorted the BR some, putting away winter stuff - but not too far away as it will soon be cooling again.

OH, HELP: I am all over bug bites - very itchy ones. It started a couple weeks ago with a couple and I did not think much of it. Then at Beaver a couple more. Now... Watching TV yesterday, the itching was so bad I took a bath with baking soda and Epsom salt and that helped. Today, it started again and I realized it might be some kind of bug where I was sitting.

I took all the pillows outside, removed covers, washed everything! Put a clean cotton sheet, folded double on the futon and when I got up saw several tiny bugs on the sheet! barely visible Almost transparent and about 1/4 inch long - like a tiny bit of thread/fish line. Cannot find on Google. Some of the bites have become welts an inch or more in diameter. A dozen at least. They take turns itching. I stripped the bed and washed everything... And R has none! But he must have brought them home from somewhere. I have not sat down anywhere out of the house. Put a shower curtain and another clean sheet on the futon so I could sit.