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Posted By: Steve Shaw
10-Jul-20 - 05:54 AM
Thread Name: BS: UK thread, Politics and political
Subject: RE: BS: UK thread, Politics and political
Two things, Nigel. First, I made a mistake: the stamp duty handout is up to 15000, not 25000. Second, the struggling first-time buyers who buy my mum's old house in Radcliffe for 140,000 gain nothing. A first-time buyer in Cornwall buying a two-bed house for, say, 220,000 will gain 1500. Someone buying a 1.4 million house in Richmond, west London, will gain 15,000. As I said, to them that have it shall be given. You bollocked me for telling half the story, then you did that Tory thing of forgetting the word "some" that should have been in your highlighted bit: "individuals buying residential property worth less than 500,000 will also benefit from these changes..." SOME individuals, Nigel, and the ones who gain nothing will overwhelmingly be people living in the poorest parts of the country. As ever, wot Tories do.

As for the meal discount, it's a stunt. If I do decide to eat out in August, which is extremely unlikely around here with all these tourists pouring in, I won't be claiming. As you say, available to everyone, the rich and the poor alike, no targeting of the people who need the most help. As ever, wot Tories do.

As for the furlough bonus, the biggest companies who can more easily soak up their lockdown losses, who were probably going to take back most or all of those workers anyway, must think it's their birthday.

Still, never mind. It's all only taxpayer money after all. The taxpayer who is eventually going to foot the bill for this disaster. And you can bet your bottom quid that it won't be the richest who feel the pain. We have ten years of austerity history to support that prediction. As ever, wot Tories do.