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Posted By: mg
25-Jun-20 - 05:00 PM
Thread Name: BS: New news on the pandemic COVID-19
Subject: RE: BS: New news on the pandemic
read up again about zelenko protocol. Warning...he is not a handsome model type of doctor and that goes against him unfortunately. Read about the people who have been saved with his protocol, zinc plus hcq plus azt plus perhaps vitamin d. read about the non rich countries around the world who have fought the plague with this protocol..countries that will not have a chance with more expensive drugs. read about the faked studies that are the basis for the slander against the protocol..where they gave six or more times the usual dose..and are said to have used a drug with a similar name to HCq. many of them is supposed to be administered when symptoms erupt..not near death. Go on twitter and follow every single doctor and epidemiologist you can find, especially those from other countries. Read countries that have defied WHO. Follow the money that leads to more expensive drugs and vaccines. Follow the political hatred towards trump..justified usually but not here. Do not give heed to what newscasters, politicians, movie stars and home schoolers have to say. We are talking.HCQ by itself has known risks and they are rare and it is a nonpatented, easily produced, inexpensive drug. Now, you of course have to look at interactions with other drugs and other disease states and underlying conditions and stage of disease but they shut down studies that are trying to sort all this out. It is a very complex situation, corrupted by well, corruption of some sort. We are permitting the deaths of thousands of our own citizens..not pretty deaths either...and contributing to death and disease of millions of non-americans. I will not give links People will have to look at this by themselves. It is rapidly evolving, befouled research and it is too complicated. So find experts and follow them.