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Posted By: Backwoodsman
18-Jun-20 - 09:42 AM
Thread Name: Apache recorded 60 years ago!
Subject: RE: Apache recorded 60 years ago!
Bonz, pfr - I’ve always been under the impression that Hank Marvin originally used a Binson Echorec, which he later abandoned in favour of the Baby Binson. Could be wrong though - do either of you have a reference or a link to the info about him using the Meazzi?

My first echo was a Watkins Copycat tape unit. It was a bastard. The tape-loops stretched and made the guitar sound ‘wobbly’ in a not-very-nice way. I used to get through three or four tape-loops per gig - too expensive to use the proper pre-made Watkins loops, so I used to spend an evening now and then making my own loops from reel-to-reel recorder tape, jointing them with editing tape.

We eventually got a Meazzi PA, which had a built-in echo/reverb but, by that time, everyone had abandoned guitar-echo/reverb in favour of the ‘dry’ guitar sound of the Liverpool and Manchester bands.