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Posted By: Senoufou
23-Apr-20 - 08:23 AM
Thread Name: BS: The Real Story Behind Our Pets
Subject: RE: BS: The Real Story Behind Our Pets
Rescue Cat MickeyPickey/Sam the Skull (officially 'Spirit') diary:-

Got up at dawn, moseyed over to Senoufou's house. Pooed and weed among her flowers. Sat on The Bench for two hours until the lazy woman got up at 6am. Gobbled up her proffered dish of Purina best cat food and a small bowl of milk.
Noticed BinkyWinky, stupid female thing, in the back garden. Jumped on her, bit and scratched her idiotic face. Got shooed away by Senoufou (silly woman). Had to go back across the road to my rescue owners, with their three dogs and three other cats. Hate it there, no peace and only dry biscuits to eat.
Will mosey over again to beg her pardon and say sorry. Stupid woman loves me and will forgive me no doubt about that!