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Posted By: Dorothy Parshall
03-Apr-20 - 10:49 AM
Thread Name: De-clutter & Fitness: House, job, life 2019 - 2020
Subject: RE: De-clutter & Fitness: House, job, life 2019 - 2020
(Being written Thursday night but, due to wifi, will not go out until tomorrow.)

I think chocolate is essential. It seems to be the only thing that gets my eyes open in the am and I needed another bunch a couple hours ago to get going again. It just generally gets me feeling alive! This is a recent development OR maybe I should have tried it sooner!

The thaw is taking its time this year. I watch bits of the world re-appearing. My sorrel plant, close to the south wall has leaves that should soon be edible! The comfrey and rhubarb are peeking through. Raised beds still covered with frozen snow - but less each day. The 2 foot wide brook is about 20 feet wide but only a bit more than half way up the culvert.

R went back to Quebec to water the 70 house plants. He could not fix the septic until the ground thaws. He may not be back soon.

The front yard there is clear and I want to go see my plants appear - those I planted so happily last fall! Montreal is seriously impacted but Chateauguay could be OK; I would not leave the house. And it is large enough to keep our social distance. I fancy a nice hot bath! And my car needs servicing at the dealer.

However, I shall try to hang in until the weather is a bit more settled. I could go one day and come back the next. R can send me pics of the yard. At my age each spring is precious! Watching things sprout and grow is one of my greatest pleasures. And nurturing them!

The LR rug is still damp and rolled up in the woodshed; I cannot move it otherwise I could have put it out these dry sunny days. All the rag rugs need laundering but ... no septic. I wash dishes and undies in large bowls and dump the water outside! It helps melt some snow. I washed and cut my hair today. And scrubbed the top of the frig! Had to use the 3 step ladder but had plenty to hold on to - in case. Got some cobwebs while I was up there! Little improvements happen as the spirit moves me. Like: "Oh, that does not need to be there!"

Maybe tomorrow I can eat some choc and trim the pots I threw last week! Even wedge some clay. Even throw a few more. Maybe.

The moon is so bright tonight, I cannot look at it directly! The decreased pollution even affects us in the boonies!

Well, it is still morning (10:30). I have been to a small store for frozen organic boneless skinless chicken breasts; I asked if it were ok to take two bags; it was. And a 5pound brick of medium cheddar - orange, which I detest but they would not have the one year white for a couple weeks. Staff (all two of them)were well prepared with plastic face shields, and stir sticks to use on the credit card machine as it was over $100. The stick "is yours" and I put it in my pocket in case... Wore my pollution mask. First time out in near two weeks.

The fire is going, had a healthy BF: pureed black beans mixed with the celery stew and some orange cheese. Made a batch of anti-inflam tea; no lemon so I will use apple cider vinegar.

1 April was the 5th anniversary of buying this property. We were looking around, when R was here, exclaiming on the improvements we have made - with much help. We both love it. It was also my 2nd son's 57th b-day. He works from home, in his condo. May be out of a job in 2 weeks. The wife he is trying to divorce works for a major pharma; she will not be out of a job. She refuses to accept the idea of divorce; I fear she will become nasty when she does. I fear I have raised a son who is too nice for his own good. He needs his (big) brother.

Drizzly day. 40F.