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Posted By: cnd
08-Mar-20 - 09:35 PM
Thread Name: songs from taped radio programmes
Subject: RE: songs from taped radio programmes
Allan, if you still have a cassette deck this is a fairly easy process. I would be interested in hearing them if you get them converted

Buy an RCA to 3mm MP3 jack (like this)

Plug the RCA end in to the OUT port of your tape deck and plug the 3mm jack into your laptop audio IN port. If you have only a desktop this is a little harder but they make some fairly long cables.

Download Audacity - a free recording software here

Make sure you've got the jack plugged in to your computer and your tape deck on. Open Audacity and next to the symbol of the speaker find the choice "Line In." It may take some searching to find it but it should** be there

Click the red "record" circle and hit play on your tape deck. Make sure the blue colored waves in the audio track section appear to mimic the highs and lows of the song.

Once you're done, hit the black square (end) and hit "File" and "export" and then select your preferred audio type. If you want to split them into individual songs you can use your mouse to click and drag to highlight a specific song and export one song at a time in the same manner except you chose "export" --> "export selected audio."

** Newer laptops seem to be continuously phasing out the "Line In" audio option. There's unfortunately not really a way to know without trying or not. If Line In can't be found on your computer you can buy something like this for ~$30