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Posted By: Sorcha
21-Feb-01 - 05:54 PM
Thread Name: BS: Harry Potter, Official WB Website
Subject: RE: BS: Harry Potter, Official WB Website
Of course, but Shakespeare didn't write novels....he wrote plays. It is difficult to get the impact of a play without seeing and hearing it, whereas a novel is designed to be read.

Rowling IS fun, easy, and identifiable.....which of us has not known a bully or two? or a School Hero, either? Part of Rowling's attraction is the very simplicity of the does not need a 7 syllable vocabulary or weird words to understand the story. Robert Parker is the same way with the Spenser novels......I love 'em, and Hawk is super, but literature, it ain't.

Sometimes I just want to read what I call "Garbage for the Mind". Sometimes I want literature. Sometimes I want Classics. Every day, each of us is a different person that is the sum total of all our yesterdays.......and some days I need Harry Potter type stuff.

Lately, I haven't wanted or been able to Think about what I am reading......I just want to have a little fun! Tolkein is the Master, but he does require thinking. Rowling doesn't. I just picked up Alan Garner's "Owl Service" from the Library. I'll let you know what I think.