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Posted By: Dorothy Parshall
14-Jan-20 - 08:41 PM
Thread Name: De-clutter & Fitness: House, job, life 2019 - 2020
Subject: RE: De-clutter & Fitness: House, job, life 2019 - 2020

There are things I could part with--- but not yet. There is room for everything so far and this home is in constant transition. Still, I do get rid a a few definites each month. My son helped by - NO mother, that is of no value any longer!!

Brainstorm today: R likes drumsticks; I never buy them because I do not like them. Duh! So I bought a packet of two from the good meat store, used already cooked rice and ? in oiled pan, added sage and celery, laid the sticks on top, covered with aluminum foil and baked in toaster oven, then broiled to brown them. Voila! Chicken with stuffing! Cooked efficiently. Two meals for R. with salad. I will have salad also.

I seem to have become dreadfully addicted to cookies and other stuff. Sure I have gained weight but scale is at Beaver. I did not manage to get there. Before I had driven an hour, I felt that four more was untenable. Turned around and came back. Comfortably.

I am giving serious thought to what I can do to exercise - that will not stress ankle that still gives nasty twinges. Going up and down the stairs is not enough! Maybe I will check to see how good up and down stairs is... I still park a bit of a distance from the doors of stores as long as there is no ice.

70 degrees, Stilly! HAH! Huge piles of chunks of 8-10 inch thick ice up on the bank of the river today from the tons of rain and the winds. And more on the river.

Went to a resto on Sunday for supper; on way in, R noted ice; on way out, I went first and ascertained that my hip bone is still not too fragile! Scared R, and me. But I took time to assess condition before sliding to a step so I could get up - with help of R and the owner. DUMB! But not even a bruise!!! Winter coat helped.

Friend visited today and praised R's shower curtain rod. He will be pleased. She brought a home made choc/whipped cream pie - THAT bakery, down near her home, is closed most of January so she made it herself. Very sweet of her. She offered to help me pack up pottery but I have not yet decided to do that. It is mainly out of sight.

The two Schefflera R brought from Montreal house: one looks really bad; the other is losing leaves like mad in part but also getting new leaves on other parts. Checking info, could be change in temp. It would be OK if the one leaves us. The one that is growing is a lovely "room divider" behind sofa in LR, ie, between LR and DR which are only defined by type of furniture.

I do have a surfeit of plants. Bruggie has lost all leaves after putting on a good show for the family. I have cut it back and await the next round in a month or so. Hibiscus is getting ready to start again with one bud getting there. Cyclamen have quit - time to check on info.

Getting used to new computer. On line training tomorrow.