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Posted By: Dorothy Parshall
07-Nov-19 - 07:12 PM
Thread Name: De-clutter & Fitness: House, job, life 2019 - 2020
Subject: RE: De-clutter & Fitness: House, job, life - 2019

That is a Super Pup! Too smart!

I see ads about musty houses have hit us. Since last I wrote, I got to the point of thinking I was dying - any minute I would sop breathing. Seriously, I woke up Tues am and was crying because I did not want to leave R with all my stuff to deal with. I broke down and phoned my health consultant who quickly diagnosed mold. I brought out the air cleaner so it is blowing clean air at me and seriously upped the Pau d'Arco intake. Woke up Weds feeling fine. R will give me an argument bu I believe during the mold poisoning at the mill a few years ago and the time on Whidbey about 13 years ago. Fall, close doors and windows, mold takes ownership!

So, de-humidifier in basement -yay!; commitment by R to close off basement and put door between main house and addition. SOON! as his cousin and family arrive on Tues - R will tidy up! My son and family arrive 21 Dec, weather permitting. That was going to be our time at Beaver but R will enjoy showing Taun and 2 sons his various machines; Taun worked for R when he was 20 - figuring out how to repair machines.

I cooked a large pot of cranberries with honey - might need more honey! Now working on doing more apples. They have been neglected as I lost energy over the last week or so.

Left the BF table yesterday when R came back in - truck has flat tire - can I use your car? (Not a chance!) I grabbed coat and drove him to important meeting in the city - and he was on time! As I was already in the city, I considered what I could do usefully. At Market, hot choc mix that R likes (he had bought one the day before but - even if I were a mind reader, I would avoid his complex mind!) Grocery: a couple bags of the cookies he likes since I have not found this prosaic brand near home. Mall: navy blue bath towel and several navy blue wash clothes - preferable to getting annoyed each day when the lighter coloured ones turn black. His work is often VERY dirty - hence, so is his face! There is no way he is going to wash properly and RINSE it! So - stress reduction! Checked out a few shops which had nothing desirable and finally went home. I had texted him twice that I was still in town but E had turned his phone off for the meeting and R forgot to turn it on - as usual.

So, we had snow last night - just enough to be treacherous. I would not go out the door until it melted enough for me to go on back porch for apples and planters.