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Posted By: Severn
17-Oct-19 - 08:35 PM
Thread Name: BS: A lone gunslinger enters a saloon.
Subject: RE: BS: A lone gunslinger enters a saloon.
Not all cats can be considered a Beast Of Bourbon,but being a Barron Cat, this one definitely was just short of becoming cata-lap-tic from licking up too much of his favorite spilled cat-a-tonic, he was feeling rather cocky and said to himself, "I'll show this human fool the REAL power of being covered in black. I think I'll pass in front of him and lay a little bad luck on his sorry soul."

the cat took a half a dozen steps across his path in a slightly unsteady strut a n the Man In Black took the pistol out of his left holster and proceeded to empty it out into the teetering tomcat and snarled, "Get up New mangy varmint, Yes still have three more lances left!" , but the cat just lay there. He traded the empty pistol for one of several beneath his coat,grunted "Save the bones of the black cat for Mama Roux, the Gypsy down the street, and his confidence restored, he looked up and surveyed the room around him with a well practiced sneer......