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Posted By: Dorothy Parshall
16-Oct-19 - 10:33 PM
Thread Name: De-clutter & Fitness: House, job, life 2019 - 2020
Subject: RE: De-clutter & Fitness: House, job, life - 2019

Back to town for a week. Left Beaver in winter mode as we had heavy frosts while I was there. I still have wood to get in but it rained all day Saturday; I managed to do half of what was left and hope it does not snow before next week. Did some weeding in the raised beds and pulled comfrey leaves that were not good for drying but good to lay as mulch around the blueberry bushes. Did minimal work in studio but ensured it will not freeze.

Left early Tuesday, stopped for muffins and scones at fav bakery, en route, and also brownies and pumpkin brownies! The later are terrific; hope to be able to get more before they are out of season. Arrived back in time for English workshop. Two students, and we worked hard on basics: This is an apple; these are apples; I am, you are, we are; what, when, where, etc. Then one wanted to know the difference between love and like! We worked on that for a while but not sure... Try again next week.

As they gained some confidence, they knew more than first appeared. Today I was looking for youtubes they can watch with closed captions, to listen and learn sounds, pause and read words. This is a fun challenge. I was watching youtubes about Russian authors, thinking of Tatiana but found them very interesting as I was entranced by those guys as a young student. I even took Russian at U for one year; ended up with the highest regard for anyone who learned it, including those who were born there! So much for reading Tolstoy in Russian!

All was well at home. R has kept things in fair order and eaten much of the food I left; added a few small tables which may find good spots. Today: groceries from store and from farm and a trip to library, as well as cooking a simple meal and a batch of broccoli for self to make up for no veggies yesterdays; traveling, I lived on delicious pumpkin brownies and muffins!

R needs to batten down a couple spots where heat is lost when he has time. Work continues on the Project but with less stress now that the presentations are done. Now, is a waiting game and strategy planning. We are warm enough. Enjoying this home.

The ratty looking, potted mini rose bushes that I had bought for last year's Christmas, have finally come up with two buds, one opening to a lovely fragrant white blossom and the other red! The hibiscus needs to be cleaned of black aphids! but is producing a couple blooms a day. The Beast - R counted 23 blooms the other day! I cleaned up its debris today, a lot of compost! I admit to having bought another mini rose just because I love the unique colour - not sure what to call it but it resembles the maple leaves outside the BR window.

Waiting to hear about Pete.

We both got a great chuckle over the German philosophers! Ah, yes!