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Posted By: LilyFestre
28-Sep-19 - 08:05 AM
Thread Name: De-clutter & Fitness: House, job, life 2019 - 2020
Subject: RE: De-clutter & Fitness: House, job, life - 2019
Update on Pete: The CT scans indicate no spread of the follicular thyroid cancer however a very small nodule was found in Pete's lungs. The recommendation at this point is just to monitor it. The surgical consultation has been changed for the 4th time and we are hopeful it is the last time as they have an opening for him on Monday.

Two staff people left the agency this week which means the rest of us have to pick up the slack so I have some new clients. New additions to our staff our starting this week but it takes a solid two weeks to get through signing up for various programs/getting clearances to use said websites, required webinars and then of course the actual training. I tell all our new staff that they are newbies for the first 6 to 12 months, there just is so much involved. In any case...despite being told I won't have any more additions for a bit, that just isn't the case. I will do what I can.

Today we get Pete's truck back from the auto shop. We also have a friend who ordered chicks which you have to order with a minimum number of chicks. She does not want all of them and has offered them to us, so we will be picking them up today. There is also a community picnic but I'm not sure Pete is interested in going and I'm currently following his lead.

I am feeling kind of alone despite all the well wishes. It's not that I really am alone but at night, when Pete just isn't his normal self and I am trying my best to be what he needs (or doesn't need), I am struggling. I think I need to give him some more space and I think I need to do some self care for myself as well. With that being said....I'd like to work either in the bedroom on the laundry situation (I'm great about doing laundry but putting it away is another story) or I'd like to spend time in my sewing room organizing or sewing.

Jeremiah is going with the flow and does not seem overly worried. His biggest concern is if he will get to go to soccer practice and games. He also wants to go spend the day at Barnes and Noble....he's quite the reading machine and that makes me most happy!

I'm hanging in there and hope you all are too.