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Posted By: Dorothy Parshall
15-Sep-19 - 10:43 AM
Thread Name: De-clutter & Fitness: House, job, life 2019 - 2020
Subject: RE: De-clutter & Fitness: House, job, life - 2019

Enjoyed reading to catch up while having a quick BF before getting on to planting ???? before leaving for Beaver. How many shall I manage today - focus on the ones going into diggable spots! Oh! forgot to mention I stopped by the nursery again on Friday and .... I am an addictive personality! But I got 3 planted then and hope for another 3 or 4 today, then gone!

R went up to the Laurentians yesterday - gave a ride to a friend and stayed over. Doubt he will be back before I leave - BIG doubt!! However, I am leaving him with the job of picking up a huge Datura which would not fit in my car but will fit in the second floor south hallway niche... if he can get it there. I am having serious second thoughts since a friend told me the seeds are deadly for animals and she was not sure about the sap. I will check next. No point in dragging it home if it is going to be a hazard - I will forfeit the $25 if so.

Your animal tales are wonderful, as are most animals. They DO remember every kindness or ill treatment - forever! They are ever so much more than most humans realize - empathetic, also.

Wood: too bad it did not get picked up by those who need it to stay warm.It would be good if the dump would have a way to offer it to needful folks. Bancroft has a wood-share program, picking up unneeded wood, splitting and, even, delivering. All volunteers. As for Charmion's trees: I had a couple removed on Whidbey that were threatening the house ---OUCH! $$$$ I tried to find someone who needed them but the removal was too hazardous.

My attempt to go folk dancing was - driving to the city, detours (an extra 30 minutes because there was an event in a park!), construction, too late for the best part by the time I was close, and no place to park anyway - and driving home again too worn out to care anymore. It was an excursion of over 3 hours to go about 35 km each way - not including detours. I was just glad to get home! Another detour coming home had me realizing why our visitors the other week got home so late - wondered that they found their way at all! Montreal is no place for the intrepid driver.

A learning experience: look at a way to get there by parking somewhere and taking one bus. Going by several buses would be too much to deal with. This is the downside of living off Island (of Montreal). I was about 4 blocks from a friend where I might have been able to park but by that time it was past their - very early - bedtime.

Hoping for some good news re Pete or, at least, not too bad news.