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Posted By: Iains
08-Sep-19 - 04:42 AM
Thread Name: BS: Brexit #3: A futile gesture?
Subject: RE: BS: Brexit #3: A futile gesture?
Cheap shot, Iains. If you actually know how to use a computer, hover your mouse over the link and it will show you the details.
-Joe Offer-

Not so Joe.I use a laptop and have no mouse.All I can do is hover the cursor. I tried that and nothing happens. The only way I can read the title is to double click to open it in it's entirety.
(and I have used computers since 1973)

Perhaps you should address the continuous stream of abuse below.

I don't know how many more times I'll have the energy to say this. But here goes. If you respond in any way at all to Iains, he will keep winding you up. I'm really sorry to say this, Jim, but you are the prime mover here when it comes to keeping him going and I for one haven't a bloody clue why you feel the need to keep on doing it. He is not poisoning the world. He is poisoning the tiny group of us who can be arsed to read his posts (and I'm not even one of them any more - I go into auto-skip as soon as I see his name). He doesn't matter. I learn a lot by reading the measured views of the reasonable contributors here. But you, Jim, above all others (though you're not alone), are guilty of keeping this bastard going. When we don't respond he acts like an hysterical kid, desperately seeking attention by posting more and more stupid and irrelevant nonsense to try to wind us up. Jim, he's a bloody idiot who has nothing to say, nothing to contribute. His modus operandi is to wind you up. I appeal to you to try once and for all to try to see it. Honestly, Jim, we can make him go away, even if the mods won't. Ignore him, let him rant on, and eventually he'll disappear up his own unwashed hysterical arsehole. Could I be more direct? Try me!

I post factual content and rarely omit fully supporting links to substantiate my arguments.
Shaw by contrast pontificates as the absolute authority on all things yet in 23000 posts have never backed up a single assertion with a link.(yet I am instructed to provide links)
Do we have a level playing field or do we not? Are we not all subject to the same rules posting on mudcat. I have received a constant stream of abuse off shaw for years. Does he have have a get out of jail card while I am suspended?
IF people deliberately misinterpret what I say to attach labels such as racist, fascist, mental midget etc then if mods will not respond I will.
I represent the majority view on Brexit ie LEAVE.