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Posted By: Steve Shaw
27-Aug-19 - 05:21 AM
Thread Name: Any Mudcatters in ITALY?
Subject: RE: Any Mudcatters in ITALY?
In Naples I was accosted twice in a few minutes, once by a bloke affecting to show me to the right platform for a "fee," the other a bit more serious, a man on the escalator who tried to nick my man-bag via a distraction technique. A bag across the body, rather than slung over one shoulder, is better than nothing, though cutting the strap with scissors is time-honoured. I've given up on man-bags in favour of bulging shorts pockets with zips. I don't think Naples is really any worse than other big cities, though the organised crime outfit there is very nasty. My sister was robbed in a Dublin street and I believe that Barcelona is hellish. I had my debit card stolen from under my nose in Bude Sainsbury's at a checkout. Luckily, my bank was just a hundred yards down the road.

As for pizza, there's great stuff in Naples as well as the inevitable tourist crap. We took refuge during a deluge in a little pizzeria in a back street near the station in which was both cheap and magnificent. The wood-fired oven was right there in the corner by the rickety tables. The margheritas, which the others had, were huge and delicious. I asked for a pizza fritta. When it came it was about three times the size of the biggest Cornish pasty ever and about twice as thick. The waiter looked at me with that look that said you'll never eat all that, pal. I ate the lot to spite him. I could hardly move all afternoon. If you want good grub in Italy, go to the eateries where the Italians go and never ask for spaghetti bolognese. It isn't Italian. And don't drink cappuccinos in the afternoon. Not done. An amazing Neapolitan phenomenon is the merest hint of rain miraculously producing ten thousand umbrella-sellers within seconds.