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Posted By: Steve Shaw
18-Aug-19 - 06:27 AM
Thread Name: BS: Brexit #3: A futile gesture?
Subject: RE: BS: Brexit #3: A futile gesture?
This talk of an interim government is premature. There are hoops that still have to be jumped through first.


Here's what I really think. This country is still just about a democracy. If the government falls, any interim administration should first be attempted by the leader of the opposition and no-one else. The people who are saying they won't work under Corbyn are playing into the hands of Johnson and will guarantee a no-deal brexit. Soft-right Tories such a Soubry, Grieve and co are letting silly ideology get in the way of the country's best interests (which, of course, they claim to recognise). The idiot-leader of the LibDems is labouring under the time-honoured LibDem delusion that the LibDems are going to be in charge anytime soon so is stupidly distancing herself from Corbyn (but note her rapid back-tracking). Yep, the LibDems who lied about tuition fees and enabled ten years of misery for the working classes and who made brexit possible by shoring up Cameron. The LibDems, unprincipled Tories in reality, who will do absolutely ANYTHING to get their feet under the cabinet table. And they think we won't mention it in the next election campaign.

Unfortunately, though it's yet to be electorally tested, I think that Corbyn's star has fallen. There's no time to replace him just now, so we work with him now or we get a no-deal brexit. There's nothing for it. No-one has to promise to enact Labour policies. There will be an election very soon in any case. It would be a single-issue administration, an issue on which the overwhelming majority of MPs supposedly agree. Time for the holding of noses. It won't be for long.

One last thing. The people who are proposing Harriet Harman (fer chrissake) or Keir Starmer as alternatives to Jezza are liars. If these right-wing ex-Blairites get their way, they know that Corbyn will be fatally undermined and won't be able to pick up the reins again. The ulterior motives are flying around all over the place in our politics. You wouldn't think there was a national emergency on, would you!