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Posted By: Jim Carroll
15-Aug-19 - 05:17 AM
Thread Name: BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards 2019
Subject: RE: BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards 2019
"Have you guys not heard of evolution? "
Dead forms don't evolve - they only decay
Elizabethan madrigals died out with the Golden Age - didn't stop people continuing to play them or even use the forms to create new music, but they were working in a dead tradition
We took traditional songs, sang them, listened tto them and enjoyed them for decades - and we made and sangs using new forms
You have usurped the veues we created, stolen the name and are now passing off pop-sounding stuff in it's place - nothing 'evolutionary about that - technically it's called 'acculturation'
In doing so, not only have you robbed future generations of enjoying the creative art of our predecessors and also are gradually destroying even the identity of that important art form
Whatt you are doing is equivalent to calling Eastenders "Shakespeherian"
Both have their values as entertainment and culture (I suppose) but both are different beasts

Evolution involves entire genres and species into something identifiable else - you people ca't even agree between you what it has evolved into or what are its identifying features - and the only people you represent are a minute and rapidly diminishing number
You have sold our folk identity back to the Music Industry it gave us a workable alternative to
Jim Carroll