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Posted By: Jim Carroll
07-Aug-19 - 03:23 AM
Thread Name: BS: Shooting tragedies and guns
Subject: RE: BS: Shooting tragedies and guns
"please do not refer to him as Boris as he is in the end a nasty self-serving piece of work"
Can't disagree with this - but.....
THere is a danger of us all missing the point here
Yes - these people are what they are, but why state the obvious ?
They have found a key to power - populism - and that is what we should be concentrating on
The Brexit Referendum came five months before Trump and the latter echoed the former in appealing to OUR (the voters') worst weaknesses to take power
They did so by openly breaching former practices and using methods that had formerly been unacceptable, both were regarded generally as not possible, yet both were successful.
Last year, a late starter unknown returned Yank came from nowhere in the Irish Presidential Election. decided to use the inbuilt Irish hatred of Travellers and, had not the winner, Michael D been been as well known and respected as he was, Ireland would now have a hate mongering no-nothing no-mark as President

Trump will be fighting for a second term in the not too distant future and already he is ramping up his racist programme (his "go back to where you came from 'slip' was no accident)
Johnson will probably have to face a General Election soon and he has already started his hate/bribe campaign (not as crudely as Trump, but with the same xenophobic message.

When Enoch Powell made his 'Rivers of Blood' speech he was banished in disgrace - when Nigel Farage did exactly the same he won the day for the Tories - that is what needs facing, not the obvious characters of these turds
As is being said quite eloquently on another other thread, "sticks and stones"
Jim Carroll