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Posted By: Bill D
06-Aug-19 - 05:59 PM
Thread Name: BS: Shooting tragedies and guns
Subject: RE: BS: Shooting tragedies and guns
Steve... I didn't "excoriate" you all for getting Boris... I was merely noting that ringers CAN sneak in is some situations.
And I certainly don't suggest in any way that letting Boris in *excuses* us getting Trump. I do understand the significant differences in our political systems and am fully aware of the flaws that allow us to fall into certain traps. It didn't always make such a difference. At one time... even in my experience, there were plenty of decent politicians on both sides,and we had a term "loyal opposition" that I haven't heard recently.
   Our experiment with 'democracy' has taken some odd turns... but remember.. we did start out carefully avoiding the form of monarchy you had back then. A lot of the Founders ideas worked pretty well, but it was not clear that some aspects had loopholes that no one could the 2nd amendment wording about guns. If there had been any anticipation of assault rifles, no one would have written it to allow ANY citizen to buy those! When moving west, guns were needed to deal with bears and those 'inconvenient' people who were here first. YOU all have been past most of that for centuries.
   Slavery created many other situations that headed us into awkward paths... including the ridiculous **electoral college**. Yes, it made counting and voting easier when communication and travel were tedious, but it has now 5-6 times invalidated the popular vote. We also are for practical purposes tied to a 2 party system..leading to very odd bedfellows.
   Finally, this situation of having a president ignore ALL reason and appoint judges and cabinet officials and diplomats with no credentials except loyalty to his Trumpship is beyond anything most of us could have imagined!

   Yeah... we are in a hole, and it's gonna be a pain climbing out. We made the 1st step by winning back the House, and we **may** manage to impeach and/or vote this travesty out.
Millions of us see the problems, and that new ideas will require new methods.... you have any positive suggestions? We really don't need more reminders that we are in pretty deep.. we need encouragement and serious help--- like Britain NOT pretending that Trump deserves decorum and polite protocol! Oh... wait... I think Boris kinda likes Trump.... nuts...