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Posted By: Iains
30-Jun-19 - 01:10 PM
Thread Name: BS: Brexit #3: A futile gesture?
Subject: RE: BS: Brexit #3: A futile gesture?
At the moment, the UK imports about 30% of its food from the EU and another 10% from the rest of the world. How that equation may change after Brexit will be anybodies guess. The EU will still want the trade but will we?
The single market shows amazing disparities from country to country when it comes to food prices, Ireland is the fourth most expensive country in the EU for Food, costing 20% more than the EU average.
The UK by contrast ranks about 18th, similar to Slovakia, Croatia and Estonia.(I find this ranking surprising but the source is Eurostat)
I also find it surprising the prices in Ireland are so high. With the CAP it would be expected prices would even out over time. This is obviously not the case.
Of the 10.3 million farms in the EU, two thirds are less than 5ha in size, by contrast in the UK av farm size is 57ha. Agricultural land in the UK ranks 4th in the EU by area.
Bigger and more efficient farms produce more food per Ha. I suspect food provision after brexit is a non issue. The EU and CAP both need serious reform. In the UK we need to decide if farmers are to remain farmers or morph into grant aided landscape custodians(like many Irish sheep farmers)