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Posted By: Steve Shaw
11-Jun-19 - 05:24 AM
Thread Name: BS: Brexit #3: A futile gesture?
Subject: RE: BS: Brexit #3: A futile gesture?
Well, to drag matters back from opportunistic and sour-grapist attacks on "Labour's antisemitism," so predictable and so shabby, there's a piece in today's Guardian ("EU view of Tory leadership candidates deeply critical, say sources") that should burst the over-optimistic and hubristic bubble in which the leading candidates appear to exist. Johnson, Raab and Hunt are all, in turn, excoriated and shrugged at. If they really think that the EU is in any shape or form going to reopen negotiations on "the deal" then they are sadly deluded. No matter who wins the poisoned chalice they will simply be Theresa May Mk II as far as the EU is concerned. Not only that, there will still be no parliamentary majority for the Tories and no majority for anything remotely like anything that's been on the table so far, certainly not for no-deal. I note that talk of the 39 billion is in the offing again. Just think about the reaction of our biggest trading partner if we crash out and refuse to pay our dues...

The Tory leadership bid is just as amazingly unreal as the whole bloody brexit shambles. One noticeable thing from the Guardian piece, however, is that Gove doesn't figure in it. In spite of his obnoxiously-patronising attitude and his sheer hypocrisy over his drug-taking (about which, frankly, I give not a shit, even though I've never taken an illicit substance in my life), I have a funny feeling that he'd be the least bad of a bloody awful bunch...