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Posted By: Mr Red
10-Jun-19 - 05:19 AM
Thread Name: BS: electric cars, when....?
Subject: RE: BS: electric cars, when....?
The hydrogen fuel cell is the future.

On that logic, Betamax was a better format. So what happened?

The answer is "content", it produced momentum. Better is not always the way the world works. The world wants it** NOW. And they have it in their own home. The distribution is already in place across the world. And with existing technology/manufacturing PV is available NOW at reasonable cost in areas where distribution petrol &/or electricity is expensive. And Electric cars might serve as a reservoir of electricity for the home &/or grid. Something hydrogen can't do. And hydrogen needs energy to manufacture, which will be electric. And power is power, why add one more translation and, an as yet not available, distribution network, with many caveats on storage/safety.

Hydrogen has a lot going for it, except for a soupçon of reality and sheer momentum of the competition. Electric has issues but it has the NOW factor. Compressed air has a lot of pluses, not the least the tech is understood & there (ish) in every filling station, but no momentum.

If anyone here can predict the future - would you PM me with some sure fire lottery numbers.............

** "it" is not always what the marketeers think - Sony knew what they wanted, Elon Musk sort of knows in his off-beat way.