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Posted By: DMcG
08-Jun-19 - 02:40 AM
Thread Name: BS: Brexit #3: A futile gesture?
Subject: RE: BS: Brexit #3: A futile gesture?
Last night stuffed the brexit party, and I think you know it.

I fear it might be more subtle than that, Steve. By analogy, consider the Mapplethorpe legal case:


Twenty-five years ago, art was put on trial in a highly publicized and political showdown. The Mapplethorpe obscenity trial—the first time a museum was taken to court on criminal charges related to works on display—became one of the most heated battlefronts in the era’s culture wars. Taking place over two weeks in the fall of 1990, the resulting attention challenged perceptions of art, public funding, and what constituted “obscenity.”
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There was a good documentary/re-enactment account of this in a film unfortunately called 'Dirty Pictures' (which I had to account for recording to my wife and daughter, but that's another story). At the end of the film a spokesman for the Christian right wing who brought the case was asked about how they felt about losing. "We didn't lose", they responded "Faced with the costs, legal battles and effort required, no other art gallery in the country will show this or similar material without thinking very hard."

And it is the same with the Brexit Party. The influence it has in achieving its goals is far more significant than winning seats. And in that sense, it is winning. (Another good example, by the way, of how an accurate statistic - they have no seats - is misleading rather than informative.)