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Posted By: robomatic
07-Jun-19 - 08:57 PM
Thread Name: BS: electric cars, when....?
Subject: RE: BS: electric cars, when....?
Probably the most economical way is also the simplest. If you want to get by the next ten years with the greatest economy, get a non-hybrid Yaris. The technology is ironclad. You won't have to worry about any battery other than the 100+ year old lead acid starter battery. No electric motor. And the driving technology (radar collision avoidance and backup video camera) is presumably available down the full range of Toyota's fine spectrum of vehicles. And for many years, getting a good mechanic for a non-hybrid vehicle should be easier and less expensive. It's gonna be awhile before a third party mechanic is gonna shove his hands into an engine compartment full of voltage carrying wires!

Hydrogen cell technology is more iffy than battery technology because hydrogen storage is an issue, just as battery storage for electric cars is still developing. But, the better car companies are usually including in the purchase price some manner of recycling the batteries, as Toyota does with the Prius. Plus, you get to recover braking energy with a battery/ supercapacitor system. Plus you can recharge off your home electric system.

I know a gentleman in his 80s who has been happy with his Toyota Prius for years.

And of course, past the next ten years few individuals will be able to afford the insurance to actually drive their own cars. And past that cars won't come with human controls.