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Posted By: Jack Campin
07-May-19 - 11:34 AM
Thread Name: If you don't like ballads......
Subject: RE: If you don't like ballads......
The oldest and most widespread kinds of folk song are not ballads.

Lullabies, incantations, children's game songs, war cries, work songs, songs to animals.

I particularly like the way the Chuvash have a genre of songs you sing to barrels of beer to make it ferment properly.

The folk-club/concert scene has never figured out a way of presenting this sort of material, except by over-arranging it to hell and back first.

Many ballads are about the internecine struggles of the landed aristocracy, and we know a lot were performed for them and were appreciated because they presented those thieving thugs in a heroic light. They're not unlike the genealogical praise songs of Malian griots - basically arty arselicking.