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Posted By: Dorothy Parshall
04-May-19 - 07:01 PM
Thread Name: De-clutter & Fitness: House, job, life 2019 - 2020
Subject: RE: De-clutter & Fitness: House, job, life - 2019

wow! R actually noted concern for the "clutter" that has built up. He needs a second person to help, so maybe next week. He spent today de-cluttering the cellar - lots of stuff left behind included a huge amount of clean clothes for small persons - off to the thrift shop with that and more! It is wonderful that he loves cleaning up dirty places! I hate it!

He did tell the previous owner not to worry about what he left behind!

R noted that the house was still not in having-company-for-dinner condition! Oh, YAY! Hope for the future. It is OK for inviting a couple people in for tea. I almost bought coffee on Thurs but Mary did not have any. Maybe tomorrow. The coffee press awaits its first voyage. We could have folks for supper but not a house viewing - still need bureaus to put things away. And considerable fine tuning would be nice.

I cooked and looked for gardening gloves; by the time I thought it might be necessary to go buy some, it was too late. Then I found them carefully put away... Finding the correct homes for things is a chronic challenge! A waterproof spot on the back deck would be great for gardening stuffs: to be found. Less than an hour of yard work and I was way too tired and concerned for aches tomorrow. I will build up to it gradually. Hope!

I may ask R for help to pull out the heavy duty weed block fabric; it is well knitted in with couch grass. Although there are some impressive clumps of day lilies, iris, peonies(!) and ???, I have lots more to move from the mill to here. Need three big holes for the cherry trees! Also three cedars that we bought several years ago and never planted at the mill, have been surviving with pots buried in a deep pile of wood chips! Maybe tomorrow they can be transported to a new home!! The wood chips - very old - might make decent mulch; there is a huge amount down at the mill - it really was a wood mill! They made hockey sticks.

R was notably happy to get home before dark last night (8pm)! Me too! Dinner before 10 pm is a big bonus! I hope this idea will help him cut loose and come home sooner, more often!

Th plants I brought here from Beaver are burgeoning; I will take a few back for the garden club plant sale at the end of May.