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Posted By: Dorothy Parshall
10-Apr-19 - 05:37 PM
Thread Name: De-clutter & Fitness: House, job, life - 2019
Subject: RE: De-clutter & Fitness: House, job, life - 2019

SRS: I consider myself terrifically inept re tech stuff and was amazed when I managed to get the computer to provide me with a serviceable card for our folk dance group because I was desperately trying to improve the PR so enough folks would come. That and the posters I managed and adding an email list for reminders - and the group is still muddling happily on without me. I still get the emails and hope to return for dancing after the regime changes.

The English "class" went well and my one student is a kindred spirit; I can hardly wait for next week. She needs to improve her English; we can converse and seek better words, grammar, and pronunciation.

The tomato plants suffered severely by my absence; one may not recover. But all else is well.

R came to the house with two very nice wingback chairs for the LR and a lovely small table for somewhere. Four pics have been hung, prob not in permanent places but off the floor at least! We now have plenty of places to sit but no frig or bed. I am becoming militant/pushy; "Saturday is going to be warm and dry. If you plan..."

Yesterday was a dreadfully wet day of snow and rain and ice on the trees and shrubs but, thankfully, not on the roads. Today is like spring!!!

I offloaded the car today. Still need to take stuff upstairs. No snow or rain! Lovely sun! Walked to the volunteer centre, about 3 blocks away along the river. They were having an open house so I copped a yummy brownie and an interview re volunteering. In a few minutes, she asked, "Did you used to have a booth at the Huntingdon Farmer's Market?" This lovely Scot had bought a number of my pots, and took several to Scotland for gifts! I suspect she will find me some more places to volunteer and I shall be seeing her more. I did not even recognize this good customer!

I am being somewhat encouraged to set up a studio here and give lessons. I never "make money" doing this but it is fun, more of a community service. R would encourage it; another Scot, he seems to be ok with my lack of business acumen.