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Posted By: Jeri
23-Mar-19 - 05:40 PM
Thread Name: The fine line between MUSIC and NOISE!
Subject: RE: The fine line between MUSIC and NOISE!
The waxy ones aren't designed to go IN your ears, but to cover the ear-hole like fingers do. I use them, but they don't stop as much noise as the squish in-ear ones. My ear canals are small, and bend in a way that makes it hard to get them in. I like the occasional loud music, but concerts such as Queen or Jason Isbell loud, not the Who loud. (And somehow, I've managed to not lose any hearing.)

Thing is (and I used to work in the hearing conservation program when I was in the Air Force), loud noise affects more than hearing. It can make people irritable, and cause fatigue.
What it comes down to is the volume, the length of time one is exposed, and whether it's a steady or intermittent loud sound.

For the record, Dorothy, the right frequency and volume of feedback can cause me to jam my fingers in my ears, and probably swear a little. (Which likely would be many people's reaction.)