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Posted By: Dorothy Parshall
23-Mar-19 - 04:28 PM
Thread Name: The fine line between MUSIC and NOISE!
Subject: RE: The fine line between MUSIC and NOISE!
Jack Campin: Wow!

The worst that ever happened to me was when a too-loud-for-me Pan pipe hit a super high note and I experienced an excruciating pain, like a knife, in my brain. I staggered off the dance floor as far away as I could get, waited until I was functional enough to walk to my car, sat in my car until I felt functional enough to drive, went home to recover.

Different bodies react differently (too obvious?) but people do not respect the concept. Fail to recognize how their behaviour can affect others.

If my brain reacts differently than yours...?

By the way, I only used Jesse as an example of a fine musician who did not feel he had to play loud to be deemed wonderful. He was one of the quietest. Those who do not like quiet may have missed something special.

Some of you could say the same about those who do not like it loud? But that seems too be, in general, less a matter of preference than it is the way their specific body/brain reacts to sounds.

I would love to be able to enjoy some of those "too loud for me" musicians but the cost to my physical health is too great. Misphonia is interesting to me and ventricular fibrillation is just a mite scary.