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Posted By: robomatic
20-Mar-19 - 11:16 AM
Thread Name: The fine line between MUSIC and NOISE!
Subject: RE: The fine line between MUSIC and NOISE!
This part of my life I hang out in Starbucks. A Lot. I am sensitive to the music environment. Starbucks once had a thriving CD business going with artists they supported. They played these artists, or genre albums, in the store, and the CDs were visible and available at the counter. I learned about some good musicians this way. Now, Starbucks has some executive or group of executives and they select the day's music for all Starbucks everywhere. Through Spotify. And this executive or minion will select a music mix based on criteria that defy evaluation with a few exceptions such as when Tony Bennett turned 90 they played all Tony Bennett all day.
Right now they are playing some sort of alternative sh*t which is quite all right, really. But sometimes they will play some no-talents who think their autotuned voices are god's gift to all and I will sometimes take a refreshing walk around the building (in Alaska in wintertime) to avoid some of the yowling. Sometimes it's a bad mix of speaker acoustics and the drums.

By the way, I've been at venues with good singers and the speakers too damn loud. Tissue paper in the ears really doesn't help. If your ears are ringing they've been damaged. For me it was too much fun with cap pistols in me youth.