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Posted By: Steve Shaw
20-Mar-19 - 07:09 AM
Thread Name: BS: Brexit #3: A futile gesture?
Subject: RE: BS: Brexit #3: A futile gesture?
The "majority for remain over leave" in Northern Ireland was 11.56% if you do it by subtracting the percentage of leave votes (44.22%) from remain votes (55.78%).The excess of remain votes over leave votes was 26.1% of leave votes, another way of looking at it. To be even more honest, 440,707 voted remain and 349,442 voted leave, a difference of 91,265, which looks quite impressive considering that only 349,442 voted leave. "A majority of 5.8%" is the most dishonest way of putting it. What is actually meant by that 5.8% is that remain achieved 5.8% (5.78% to be precise) over the 50% passmark. We shouldn't be surprised, I suppose, that rabid brexiteers would select the means of expression that looks most like remain only just made it. Still, I've given you the various ways of putting it. Take your pick. Or your nitpick. You decide.

Interestingly, Catholic's overwhelmingly voted remain (85%) whereas only 40% of Protestants voted remain.

What is intriguing is how these two explanations of voting – the ethnonational and the “left behind” theses – interact. It emerges that Catholics are quite homogenous in their pro-Remain disposition. There was little variation between how working class, less well-educated Catholics voted compared to middle class, better-educated Catholics...

... Higher-skilled and educated Protestants were much more likely than lower-skilled, lower-educated Protestants to vote Remain. There is almost no difference between how Catholics who went to grammar school and those who didn’t voted. But Protestants who didn’t go to grammar school were much more likely to vote Leave than those who did.

The same source indicates that anti-immigrationists in Northern Ireland were overwhelmingly more likely to vote leave (ironic or what) as were people who "oppose homosexuality" (not quite sure how that was defined). Good to know who your friends are, brexiteers.